EVENTS – Online or Offline

Events Management – done virtually!  Whether it’s an online webinar or a physical seminar you are hosting, Virtually Sorted can manage your event from start to finish.

Because we know you don’t want to be bothered by a million different add-ons and extra costs, we put together a comprehensive event package:

  • 500 x printed A6 invites/promotional postcards inc design

  • 1 x logo design

  • 1 x online event booking link (inc payment options if necessary)

  • 2 x hours of virtual assistant work doing: online listings for your event, PR, research, social media connections, guestlists, reminders/follow up emails, maps, etc.

  • Printed guest list

  • Privacy notices

Add On options:

  • 1 x roller banner = +£100

  • 100 x visitor badges = + £50

  • Postage = At cost

When you make the commitment to have a live, in-person event, you’re going to need a proper plan to make sure your event goes without a hitch.  Here comes our EXHIBITION CHECKLIST!

Know your numbers before you start:

First thing, what’s the overall objective:

  • More sales?

  • More leads?

  • Raising the profile of your brand?

  • Connecting with other influencers? 

This should form the overall aim of your exhibition checklist.  All the items on it should work towards these goals.

EVENTS - Online or Offline

Know your venue:

Ask the event organisers for some more details.  The more info you have on the exhibition, the more you can get out of it.  The very simple rule of “don’t ask, don’t get” applies here.  There’s no harm in asking, but try to do it in one conversation rather than bugging the event organisers repeatedly.

  • How many visitors do you usually have? (If a new event, how many are expected based on bookings received so far?)

  • Do you have demographics or visitor stats on the kinds of people who come?

  • What’s included in the deal?  (Tech specs, power sockets, tables, screens, stall sizes, what we can display, visitor scanners etc.)

  • Can you speak at the event?

  • What promo is planned in the run up?  Can you be featured in a blog or as an interview in the brochure?

  • Photographers – will there be an event photographer and can you use copies of the pictures in your own promo after the event?

  • What’s load in time?  And load out time?  Is there parking?

Exhibition Checklist:

  1. Comfy shoes – this is a must, you’ll be on your feet all day.  Take blister plasters too, just in case.  Even if you don’t use them, someone on another stall will be eternally grateful to you.

  2. Water bottle – along the same lines, it’s hot in there, and you’ll be talking a lot. 

  3. Photograph disclaimer – this allows you to take photos of people on your stall and use them in publicity materials.  The event may have their own version.  Check with them.

  4. Email sign up sheet – not everyone will have business cards, so make sure there is some way of capturing their details. This should be fully GDPR compliant.  The most secure way is to have your website open on its sign up page, the prospect enters their own details. Failing that, there should be a notification about who is holding the data (including full address) and for what purpose.  Don’t forget the pens!!!

  5. Competitions – if you are running competitions, you can’t assume that gives you the right to send them marketing materials.  Best practice is to have them actively opt in to both the competition and the newsletter list. Make sure your T&Cs are clear about what the prize is, if there are any limitations, and who is holding the data.

  6. Giveaways – Post-it notes, gizmos, fortune cookies, mugs, bookmarks… Whatever promo materials you are giving away, make sure you have enough and they are ordered well in advance of the event.  The aim of these items is to have something the prospect uses regularly and is reminded of your presence… Branding should be included!  We’re used to doing low volume and high volume design and print for events – ask us!

  7. Speaking – If speaking take your presentation on a flash drive (with fonts embedded), and on your laptop. We can help with something which will support your presentation without sending the audience to sleep. Death by PowerPoint is a real thing!  Be prepared to explain what you do in an elevator pitch – practice this.

  8. Decorating the stand – Posters, tablecloths, banners… Make sure you have the basics to put them up / take them down though. Blue tac, cable ties, sticky pads, Velcro pads, duct tape, washi tape, scissors.

  9. Back up – Always take a friend along to cover breaks.  There are often sponsors drinks or networking opportunities outside of the official conference or exhibition.  Make sure you ask about this and set up meetings.

  10. Follow up – Finally, once you return, follow up on all those leads. 

If you’d like further advice on Events, please get in touch.

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