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Get started outsourcing

How to Delegate & Get Started Outsourcing: You’ve got a To Do List as long as your arm. You know stuff falls off the bottom of it regularly. And that (occasionally!), you have a job which you’ve been sitting on, come bite you, because you failed to do it at the right time. You need an extra pair of hands. And that’s where your VA comes in!

What to delegate / outsource to your Virtual Assistant?

  • Tasks you do regularly (daily, weekly, monthly, annually)
  • Tasks which can be documented in how to do them
  • Tasks you dread doing and regularly procrastinate over.

Get Started Outsourcing

How to start delegating?

My top tip is to have a Word doc open on your desktop. Any time you find yourself doing a repeatable task, document it as you go, and save it in the Word doc. You’ve just got a How To Guide for your VA. Yes, it’ll take a little longer than normal, but you are doing it anyway, and documenting it allows you to pass this task over to your Virtual Assistant permanently.

It’s also worth having a chat with your VA. We work with systems and processes all the time, and we can often suggest shortcuts or automation which will speed up the process.

Is there anything my VA CAN’T do?

We haven’t quite mastered virtual coffee yet, but most other things which a secretary or PA can do, we can help with. However, we have a few limitations here at Virtually Sorted:

  • We can’t do sales or work on data which isn’t GDPR compliant
  • We can’t do accounting/bookkeeping (we are not MLR registered, but can recommend some people who are)
  • We can’t run your business for you, YOU are the boss!

Outsourcing: What kind of tasks can my VA do?

  • 50 tasks your VA can do in an hour or less – have a look at our list of tasks which VAs can help with.
  • Some clients use us for overflow work or holiday cover.
  • Others use us as their admin function where we coordinate the team and host weekly/monthly team meetings.
  • Some use us to bounce ideas off and keep them on track with their goals.

Get Started

Book in an hour of project review and we’ll work on setting up these systems.

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