We save clients the most time when we take away the mundane, repeatable tasks which hover on the edge of their To Do Lists and take them away from the tasks which only they can do. This form will guide you through what we need to know, and we will estimate how much it will cost and get back to you, next working day.

(This form is only for ongoing tasks: If you have a one-off project please book in time to discuss)

Examples of repeatable tasks:

·         Daily: clearing on inbox according to a set of rules and FAQs, flagging anything urgent with you, deleting spam, filing emails for reading by subject.
·         Weekly: scheduling social media updates.
·         Weekly: reminding staff to submit timesheets.
·         Weekly: hosting status report meeting and typing up minutes with action points.
·         Weekly: checking tender and grant websites to see what you can apply for.
·         Monthly: collating expense reports.
·         Monthly: writing a blog optimised for SEO and a list of places to share it.
·         Monthly: Create and share your monthly newsletter.

Task Briefing: Smartsheet

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