Bloggers Tea Party

What is a bloggers tea party? A chance to connect with other bloggers at an informal Bloggers Tea Party. No sales pitch, no sign ups, no fancy dressing up (unless you feel like it!). Mix with other bloggers, find out what they use, how they inspire themselves, share your experience. Free tea and coffee will … Read more Bloggers Tea Party

Christmas deadlines

The holidays are coming… Remember a couple of essential seasonal business activities: Decide holiday opening times and inform customers – website updates, email newsletter, add to invoices/email signatures etc.  Check when your last delivery dates will be with postage. Sort Christmas card printing or sending – we particularly like as the cards can be … Read more Christmas deadlines

Question: How long do you wait when someone is late for a meeting?

How long do you wait when someone is late for a meeting? Now personally, I think it depends very much on whether they apologise.  We all get held up in traffic occasionally, so it’s not a huge deal if it’s less than 15 minutes.  As a virtual assistant, traffic is less of an issue for … Read more Question: How long do you wait when someone is late for a meeting?

The Follow Up Sandwich

This week I had a new client ask about our marketing services – basically as a new business he needed to generate leads from scratch and wasn’t very sure where to start!

For a small business getting cost effective marketing in place is essential.  But if you’re never marketed before, how do you know what method will be most effective or whether the results are getting are typical?

Usually what we recommend is a “follow up sandwich” approach.

    • The Bread: Our first slice of marketing is a postcard or letter mailed out to a list of potential prospects.
    • The Filling: A sandwich filling of an email reminder with more information accessible online.
    • Final slice: Finally a top slice sandwich phone call to those who have clicked open the email and shown an interest.

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