Invoice Cheat Sheets To Optimise Your Invoicing

Many businesses in the UK are still facing late payment problems, and it seems to now be affecting businesses of all types and sizes. Chasing up unpaid invoices uses up valuable time and resources. Late payments can reduce overall the productivity of a business, which can have adverse effects on growth. In some cases, it … Read moreInvoice Cheat Sheets To Optimise Your Invoicing

GDPR – the time is now!

Reminder: GDPR becomes law today. All your marketing lists, client contact details, data storage, accounts, email storage…  You need to make sure it’s all compliant. Checklist for GDPR compliance: Where was your data sourced from? Do you still need to store that data? Where is the data held? (Consider all personal data – accounts programmes, … Read moreGDPR – the time is now!

Competition: Maternity Leavers – Soozi Baggs

Maternity Leavers – Soozi Baggs Enter the Competition As a virtual assistant we often come across mums hoping to set up work-from-home businesses after having a baby… Having done two lots of maternity leave whilst running my business and daily juggling 2 young children’s needs, I think I am qualified to point out the realities … Read moreCompetition: Maternity Leavers – Soozi Baggs

Competition: Win a bullet journal and accessories to get organised in 2017!

Ready to be super organised in 2017?  So the latest buzzwords in organisation are: BULLET JOURNALLING.  The idea is that you create your own diary by using an index and some funky accessories to customise and create something as unique as your business! So if you haven’t picked up your planner for this year, this … Read moreCompetition: Win a bullet journal and accessories to get organised in 2017!

Christmas Organising

Christmas Organising for businesses So Christmas is coming… and we have a few reminders and useful tips about things you might need to organise in your business for Christmas: Christmas Cards for businesses We sorted out some special deals with our favourite printers for lovely personalised cards designed and printed just for you – add … Read moreChristmas Organising


Blog Content Made Easy Blogspiration is about getting inspired to write blogs… We set you up with a schedule of blogs plus helpful ideas each month to inspire you to write.  That email acts as the reminder you need to keep your blog right at the top of your To Do List. What you get: … Read moreBlogspiration

Where did the time go?

HootSuite - Social Media DashboardI met another VA for coffee a few weeks back and she was bemoaning the fact that despite putting hours and hours into her marketing she gets very little return – in fact, she admitted that per week she spends at least 10 hours on networking meetings, and then on top of that she had perhaps another 5 hours on social media and never had any time at all to write fresh blog posts.

I looked a bit puzzled.

I don’t spend anything like that amount of time on marketing my business.  I’ve always thought that being organised is actually an advanced form of laziness and have accordingly adjusted my activities to suit…  So how do you figure out where to put the effort in?  And what are the biggest timewasters?

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8 Ways Virtually Sorted Virtual Assistants recently saved their clients money:

virtual assistant - how we workSometimes Virtual Assistant clients are surprised by how quickly and easily we can complete their work… Yes – our hourly rate is high, but for that fee you buy the professionalism which comes with time served experience.  In all these situations a less experienced assistant could easily spend hours trying to find out this information and bill you accordingly for inferior results.  Make sure your assistant is working effectively!

Read more8 Ways Virtually Sorted Virtual Assistants recently saved their clients money: