Small Business Owners

Small business - Virtual Assistant

Small business owners are unique – they are the world’s most talented multi-taskers. That’s because they do everything for their business. The phone rings and they are the receptionist, they actually do the work as a business operative, then they bill the work as the accounts department and then they crawl under the table tracing cables for the broadband router in their quest to become an IT guru too…

In the early days, this skill is a fantastic asset to your business. It saves you money and means you can get your business established. That enthusiasm and determination is what gets you clients.

But as your business grows, it’s simply not possible for you to do everything yourself. So you work later and later, and get more and more tired. Hiring staff is not an option because of your fluctuating workload, not to mention the red tape involved. But wait, there’s another way – a virtual assistant!

We’ll honestly tell you if there is a way of outsourcing some of your admin tasks. We’ll do it with the minimum of fuss, no sales patter and with simple billing.

Use our “Shopping List for small businesses” and see what we can help you with:

To find out more about working with virtual assistants we offer a free, no obligation consultation specific to your business. Call 0141 423 8255 or email to book in your slot!