Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Email is perhaps one of the most cost effective ways of marketing your business for SMEs, online retailers or new start business. Not only is it an economical way of reaching your client, but it also reaches them at a time when they are at a computer, near a phone and responsive to your message. We know this because we have used email marketing successfully in our own business for over 5 years.

What format: Email newsletters, plain text, HTML email marketing or online linking?

We will be happy to advise you on the right format for your marketing. We use a variety of tools which can automatically follow up new prospects, tell you who opened an email and what they clicked on, and even boost the SEO of your website. One of the most common questions we get asked is: Can I not just blind copy (BCC) everyone on an email and attach a PDF? Well, you could – but we wouldn’t recommend it! Contact us to find out why.

Additionally, you miss out on all that lovely data which can be used to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing. We can show you ways to:

  • Boost your Google ranking
  • Convert sales directly via email
  • Automate your follow up sales procedure
  • Connect with your clients on a personal and business level
  • Generate content

How do you do email marketing?

online workspace database storageWe use a variety of tools to create and manage your campaign including Aweber autoresponder emails, Constant Contact and our Smartsheet shared databases. Over the years we’ve perfected this to a fine art – by building individual and bespoke solutions for each customer. We also know that in order to get great results you have to be consistent and build a campaign, so our email campaigns are only available in blocks of 6 emails.

What does email marketing cost?

For databases of up to 500 contacts, we include the fees associated with using email management programmes and shared databases. For every additional 1,000 subscribers we charge £30. Databases must be supplied in our preferred format – if extra formatting or data entry is required, this typically takes 1 minute per contact and will be charged at our usual hourly rates. Call us to discuss your project and get insider information from email marketing veterans.

CarolineGet started with email marketing now, call Caroline on 0141 423 8255 or email

“But I want to get started now!!”

No problem – click here to buy a block of 6 emails and we’ll get in touch!