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Virtually Sorted is pleased to accept Scotcoin.  As virtual workers, we fully embrace fintech technology and digital currencies.  And you can pay us using the QR code below with IndieSquare or our Counterparty Wallet address is 1EKh57Jsp2d27geqW18qfA1Gg8hFwkmrFZ.

QRScotcoinVSWhat is digital currency?

The most well known digital currency is Bitcoin, which started out in 2008 and now trades at circa 1BTC:£1,000.

As a decentralised currency, it doesn’t rely on banks to provide authentication of transactions and instead bases the proof on blockchain technology.  Scotcoin is Scotland’s digital currency and is an “altcoin” – in other words an alternative currency to Bitcoin, rather like US$ is to UK£.

How do I get started with Digital Currency?

This video shows you how to set up a digital currency wallet, which is the key to starting using digital currencies like Scotcoin and Bitcoin.

Who uses digital currency?

With low transaction fees, it’s a popular choice for online businesses to accept transfers quickly and safely.  Anyone who has tried to open a bank account or arrange a credit card machine or direct debit facility will understand the admin headache of setting these up – digital currencies are a simple alternative to accepting online payments.

Who needs to know about fintech and digital currencies?

With more businesses opting for digital currencies, anyone who works in these areas will need to at least understand the basics in the next five years… Even if they aren’t using them, they need to be aware of how they fit into the overall finance picture.

  • Journalists
  • Accountants/bookkeepers
  • Lawyers
  • Web developers
  • Finance professionals
  • Insurance professionals
  • Brokers/traders
  • Banks

Learn more about fintech digital currency

If you’d like to know more about this disruptive technology and its components such as:

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