I Want To Be A VA!

After several years of running our own VA business, we are happy to share the secrets of being successful in this industry – we run  www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk, a free resource for all aspiring and established virtual assistants in the UK. The website features a forum, advice, useful products and equipment, and a wealth of information. All members also receive our monthly SVA newsletter.

Please DO NOT sign up for any of our client materials or phone the office – due to several instances of plagiarism we will blacklist any VA and ban them from joining SVA.  Enquiries from VAs will only be dealt with via SVA or as outlined below.

Virtual Assistant Recruitment

As one of the UK’s leading virtual assistant businesses, we receive a lot of applications from virtual assistants who want to work with us. Please be advised that in order to maintain standards we have to insist on:

  • Availability of at least 20 hours/week (worked 9am-1pm/1pm-6pm/5pm-9pm Mon-Fri – no exceptions)
  • Small office environment (no noisy pets/children)
  • A PC with Microsoft Office installed
  • A strict confidentiality/non-disclosure/non-competitive self-employed subcontractor agreement
  • Must pass various tests
  • Must be UK based
  • Commitment to attend 1 x group meeting/week via phone if necessary
  • Commitment to market and promote the business if necessary
Please do not apply if you are unable to fulfill these terms. Anyone who signs up to our client marketing materials will be automatically deselected from either working with us or joining SVA. Please do not call the office with queries about applications, all information should be sent via email.

Please note: We are not currently recruiting for any roles at the moment – please feel free to submit info for when we do next recruit, but you may not get an immediate response.

Should you wish to set up your own business, please look at our Society of Virtual Assistant’s training course SVA Premier – Instant Download.


Please download this word document and follow the instructions.  You will be asked to correct a document for grammatical mistakes.

All Virtually Sorted VAs should have typing speeds of 75WPM+ and be able to transcribe and check a document in around 3 x amount of audio (so a 10 minute tape should take you no longer than 30 minutes).  You will be required to open .dss, DS2, wav and MP3 files so we recommend you have the Pro version of ExpressScribe.

Misc PA Duties

Our miscellaneous PA duties can cover everything from online shopping to designing an email marketing campaign. You will be asked to complete a grammar and spelling test.

A can-do, flexible and entrepreneurial attitude is essential – please DOWNLOAD these tests and send your results to recruitment@virtuallysorted.com

Social Media Virtual Assistant

Download the description on the left, check that you have the essential ingredients for being a social media virtual assistant and complete the test.

You will be dealing with email Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and various email newsletter and social media management programmes.

Call Answering

Visit www.speedtest.net and “BEGIN SPEED TEST”. The website will test how fast your internet speed is and whether it will work with our phone system. Once it is finished there will be a results box with a link “COPY DIRECT LINK” click this. Send us an email to emma@virtuallysorted.com with your name, telephone number and preferred working schedule and paste the results of your test into the main body of the email. We’ll send you the next stage of the test.

Bookkeeping/Accounts/Credit Control

Please send your CV to recruitment@virtuallysorted.com with your name, telephone number and preferred working schedule. Please also include 200-500 words about why you think you would be a fantastic virtual bookkeeper/accounts assistant.