Back to work!

Back to work - work from home

The government today posted guidance including HSE guidance on getting back to work after the Covid-19 crisis. ACCESS GOVERNMENT GUIDANCE: It details by industry what is required. Your professional indemnity insurance may need to see proof of compliance for these measures before they allow you to open back up, so make sure you keep … Read more Back to work!

Cost Comparison of VA vs Temp vs Employee

Why should I hire a Virtual Assistant? Virtual Assistants provide flexible, professional, reliable and affordable help to businesses.  We perform the key administration duties which make your business profitable, thus freeing your time to work ON the business, rather than IN it.  What is the cost comparison of using a VA vs using a temp … Read more Cost Comparison of VA vs Temp vs Employee

Team working… What do I need to consider?

Remote team working is not just about the tech, it’s also about the culture. As virtual working experts, having done remote team working for FIFTEEN YEARS, we’ve got the knowledge you need to keep your business working as usual. Co-working is 10% tech, 90% human Ramon Schmitt, The Co-Working Handbook The tech of working from … Read more Team working… What do I need to consider?

Top Tips for Working From Home

Top tips for working from home

As a virtual assistant, I do a lot of working from home as well as having an office.  It’s handy, I have a dedicated space, no commute.  But I have to say when I first  faced working from home all week, it was daunting. Because of the outbreak of Covid-19 (coronavirus) a lot of people … Read more Top Tips for Working From Home

Looking for sponsors? (Event Planning)

Event planner

Attracting Sponsors for Your Live Event There are many different places you can locate potential sponsors for your events. You can approach customers, vendors, complementary businesses, or even big name brands to become sponsors for your event. Know Your Audience – With everything you do, understanding who your audience is will help you plan better … Read more Looking for sponsors? (Event Planning)

Can a virtual spellcheck replace a real person?

Another gizmo landed on my desk this morning and being the gadget-freak that I am, I was itching to try it out. claims to be able to correct your grammar automatically and give you consistent punctuation throughout a document…  Well that sounds like a challenge to me!  So I ran it through my usual … Read more Can a virtual spellcheck replace a real person?

Ho Ho Ho – It’s the Christmas Holidays!

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS: Each year Virtually Sorted shuts down over the Christmas period to give all our admin elves a well earned break.  They worked hard this year, and having this time off over Christmas when most of our clients are on holiday themselves means they get to spend this special time of year with their … Read more Ho Ho Ho – It’s the Christmas Holidays!

Survival rates – improve your chances!

Out of every 10 small businesses, 7 will survive their first year, 3 will still be going after 3 years, and only 2 will remain after 5 years.

Most people going into business for themselves do so because are very good at what they do – a skilled joiner, a fabulous PR person, a talented public speaker.  However, it doesn’t guarantee they are great at the admin!

So how do you make sure your business is in the successful 20%?

Read moreSurvival rates – improve your chances!