Team working… What do I need to consider?

Remote team working is not just about the tech, it’s also about the culture. As virtual working experts, having done remote team working for FIFTEEN YEARS, we’ve got the knowledge you need to keep your business working as usual.

Co-working is 10% tech, 90% human

Ramon Schmitt, The Co-Working Handbook

The tech of working from home:

Firstly, you need to consider security, because even if your workers are using their work laptops, they are most probably using insecure connections shared by other people. Secondly you also have to consider the physical risk of your employees working from home – toddlers with juice cups, someone overhearing a phone conversation, the office set up they have being unsuitable, risk of theft etc.


  • VPN – to protect your computer from any prying eyes.
  • Anti-virus – a must have.
  • Proper chairs – this will decimate your team faster than the virus, their backs won’t do all day working from dining chairs or the sofa. We suggest letting them take their office chair or buy one and claim it back on expenses up to a certain amount.
  • Physical security of the computer – from spills and theft, including password protection, and only accessing databases remotely.

The human aspect of working from home:

Building virtual teams 2This is the fear most office based employees have and we’ve addressed a number of those issues in our last blog. But companies can do a lot to support their employees too – and this is what we do at Virtually Sorted.  Indeed, it’s what we’ve done for FIFTEEN YEARS! We’re virtual working experts.

We have ready to go:

  • Weekly virtual status meetings
  • Shareable task lists
  • Text chats
  • Flexible online workspaces – separate from the Microsoft systems which collapsed on Monday
  • Web uploads to get us work securely, even if your own systems aren’t live


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