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UK Etsy Alternatives

We’ve had a few clients affected by the changes at Etsy – and they wanted us to research UK Etsy alternatives for them and agreed we can share the results.

Background – why do we need an Etsy Alternative?

Etsy recently changed the way their sponsored adverts work, and lots of sellers have been reporting a massive drop in the effectiveness of both the sponsored ads and the organic listings.  Before you could decide what keywords to use, edit where they showed, what time they showed, how much you wanted to spend etc.  Now Etsy decides how the budget gets spent.  Which would be fine if it produced more sales, but it is not.  It’s simply costing more money. Not sustainable for the small business owners and crafters who have provided Etsy with so much of their custom.

The UK Etsy Alternatives:

NuMonday: Based in Glasgow, NuMonday doesn’t take % fees or charge for listings, you only pay a flat fee of £7/month to have your shop. Only handmade products or craft supplies are allowed and only UK sellers. Another UK based selling site, very similar to Etsy in that they charge 6% per sale and a cost per item listed (which is waived if you sign up to their monthly £5 subscription on Folksy Plus).

Misi: Again, the idea is for UK based craft sellers only.  Setting up a shop is free, but there are small listing fees (£0.20 per item) and 3 percent commission on each sale.

Ebay: So this one is better if you don’t hand make your items, but still need a flexible selling platform.  Fees are capped @ a max of £1, but you do need to calculate P&P as Ebay has a maximum for this too.  It is a much more competitive marketplace, so you may find it doesn’t work for you.

Facebook: Facebook Marketplace is great for local sales, but you’ll also find that most areas have a residents group, and these can be great for making sales – check group rules for when you can do promotional posts (some groups have these limited to certain days or certain threads). 

Shopify: This is the “all in one” version – website, ecommerce, shipping management etc. It is $29/month, so not one for sellers who aren’t shifting a good turnover of stock each month.

Amazon Handmade: Amazon also offers online listings and marketplace – and their own distribution of course.  Again, like Ebay, it is super competitive, so you will need to be smart with your listings to grab attention and nail those keywords. The % fee is 12-15% but they’ve waived the sellers’ monthly fee for artisan crafters. We use this for digital sales, but it can do physical products too.  Generally your sales would be generated from your own lists/websites, but they do the digital delivery and management of products. It also has a variety of anti-theft measures for ensuring your copyright. $26/month.

What other options for an Etsy Alternative?

If the changes at Etsy have caused you to rethink having your own platform, Virtually Sorted will be delighted to help you build a self-hosted website, with ecommerce plugins, and build your own list of customers. Email or call 0141 423 8255 for details.


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