Santa's mailbox

Get your UK Christmas Planning Virtually Sorted!

Christmas Planning: Christmas Dates for Virtually Sorted:

Close 12pm Fri 20th December and reopen 9am Monday 6th January

Christmas is coming – Santa’s sleighbells are jingling in the background and there are a million and one things on your UK Christmas Planning List.

Last posting dates Christmas 2019:

  • Wed 18 Dec – 2nd class post
  • Fri 20 Dec – 1st class post
  • International dates – Check here

We love these clear Avery labels to do fancy fonts on coloured envelopes. There’s nothing worse than seeing a white office type label on something as personal as a Christmas card!  Mind you, personalised cards are a great way of keeping in touch with your clients over the festive period – we have a whole team of designers and printers ready to design your perfect Christmas card to match your corporate branding.

Or maybe this year, you’ve vowed not to add to the environmental impact of Christmas – Ecards might be the way to go… we’ve got some great Christmas fonts and pictures for your newsletters!

Santa's mailboxLetters to Santa:

Royal Mail are giving Santa a little help with his own UK Christmas Planning…

Santa will send your child a personalised letter from Santa – but they need to send it for Fri 6 December.


Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto,

Tax laws on gifts

Wanting to thank suppliers?  HMRC will allow you to give a business gift worth up to £50 to any one person in any one tax year.  But it must be a branded business gift.  Anything else is considered entertaining and therefore not tax deductible.

Or maybe you are following Martin Lewis’ No Unnecessary Present Pact?

20 Ways Your VA Can Help with UK Christmas Planning:

  1. Designing, printing and sending Christmas cards
  2. Sending virtual e-cards
  3. Archiving/deleting old files – now necessary as part of GDPR compliance!
  4. Remind you that 31 Jan is your personal tax deadline
  5. Designing a marketing programme for 2020
  6. Booking the Christmas party venue
  7. Sorting annual machine maintenance over the holidays – ours go in for a big Christmas clean up
  8. Picking dates for a holiday get together which everyone can make
  9. Holiday research – flights, hotels, travel
  10. Update your social media with your Xmas dates
  11. Telling your clients about early closing/holidays
  12. Chase outstanding payments before the new year
  13. Finding great Christmas entertainment for you and your family
  14. Booking extra cleaning
  15. Figure out which repeatable tasks you can outsource to give yourself more time – here’s some inspiration: 50 Tasks Your VA Can Complete In An Hour Or Less
  16. Check your website for anything which is out of date – change references to 2019, archive old events etc.
  17. Reserving your supermarket shopping slot
  18. Review your leads from last year and market specifically to them
  19. Doing a review on the best planner for next year
  20. Tackle your outstanding To Do List so that you start 2020 afresh!