Digital Product Creation

A client asked me the other day how she could leverage her time by creating e-products rather than doing one-on-one training with her clients.  She thought it would take a lot of time, effort and money to create digital products, but getting a product together for sale has never been easier – and you may already have the content! 

Firstly, we looked at her existing workbooks that she used with clients – these could have pictures and a foreword added very easily to make them a self-standing product.  We also suggested PDFing the download to avoid plagiarism.  Total time: 2 hours.

Next, we looked at a conference call she was due to hold the following week – we arranged for the session to be recorded as an MP3.  We then marketed this as an instant download for people who hadn’t been able to make the call.  Total time: 30 mins to create MP3 download and associated marketing materials.

The sale of those two products could easily pay her to take some time off and write an email course or develop a restricted-access blog.  She was hugely impressed!

So what kind of things could you sell?

  • Ebooks
  • Marketing masterclasses
  • Online tutorials
  • Ecourses delivered via email
  • Exclusive access to areas of your website with insider information
  • Podcasts on a particular industry
  • Videos
  • Interactive sessions

There’s a couple of ways of delivering e-products – make sure you choose the right virtual assistant!