8 Ways Virtually Sorted Virtual Assistants Save You Money

virtual assistant - how we workSometimes Virtual Assistant clients are surprised by how quickly and easily we can complete their work… Yes – our hourly rate is high, but for that fee you buy the professionalism which comes with time served experience.  In all these situations a less experienced assistant could easily spend hours trying to find out this information and bill you accordingly for inferior results.  Make sure Virtual Assistants Save You Money!

Looking for more examples of what we can do?

50 tasks your virtual assistant can do in 1 hour (or less!)

  • Client spends 2 hours wrestling with a powerpoint presentation before finally admitting defeat and sending it to us – her time is billed in hundreds of pounds an hour, our fixing the presentation cost under £10!
  • This client wanted an expense spreadsheet designed – we were able to suggest a free app which his smartphone could take a photo of the receipt and use OCR to enter the details directly into their accounts programme.  Not only did we save them the initial spreadsheet design cost, but also the ongoing staff cost of everyone filling it in.
  • Our construction client asked us to get quotes for safety testing some materials…  We located an MSDS certificate which showed the material had already been tested.  Testing runs into thousands of pounds, our time doing the checks equaled 30 minutes.
  • Our online business client is getting over 200 emails a day, we suggest changes to their website based upon the content of those emails/FAQs and cut them down to circa 40 a day.  Happy customers, and a very happy client.
  • Coaching client wanted 3 x weekly updates to her blog – writing from scratch including research would have taken a lot of time, so we asked her if she had any course materials which she would be happy for us to adapt.  We did a whole 6 months of unique content for her blog based on her e-books and it took us just 5 hours to do. 
  • New business wants to scrape data from their Facebook page – we suggest an alternative strategy of converting them to an opt in mailing list, thus complying with data protection and building an extremely active prospects list.  Not only did this take less time to set up than the data mining, it was also more effective at building their business.
  • A client looking to get some holiday options for Amsterdam came to us – we used a variety of tools to come up with a tailored holiday for them, with great flight options and some quirky activities and places to stay.  This was a new client and they admitted they’d used an offshore assistant for the task first and got an Excel spreadsheet of LastMinute.com holidays….  Our bill was roughly the same as the offshore assistant’s since the copy typing of holidays had taken them 4 hours! 
  • Another newbie: The client had just had her on site assistant quit – she’d been working 20 hours a week on a project involving co-ordinating lots of diaries, booking venues, sending out information before and after each meeting.  By putting in place some online tools, standardising documentation and delivery, we cut down the 20 hours a week to just 2 hours.  This is a fairly common saving when replacing on-site staff…  Never underestimate the amount of time employers pay for coffee breaks and office-faffing!

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