Video Transcription

YouTube virtual assistantWant to know a quick “white hat” SEO tactic?  Get Virtually Sorted to transcribe the YouTube videos you have online – their content will be keyword rich, and Google loves you using their sister service to host video…

Why Use Video Captions?

  • YouTube is owned by Google and therefore videos are given high preference by them when cataloguing search results.
  • Whilst the description in your video can list keywords, you may get penalised for repetition of keywords if Google sees this as an attempt to manipulate listings. Transcripts/captions can contain the keyword many times, and therefore boost your search engine ranking for that keyword.
  • Using captions on your videos increases accessibility of your site for deaf and hard of hearing viewers.
  • Uploading a transcript of the video to your website creates more search engine text and allows users who prefer not to view videos to still access your content. With 37% of people learning via kinaesthetic/tactile modes, not having something they can tangibly download and “feel” means you are missing out on their business!
  • Having the captions to a webinar or presentation can be an easy shortcut to creating digital products for sale.

How long will it take to transcribe videos?

Video transcription can take anything from 3-6 times the amount of audio to transcribe, particularly if there is more than one presenter or there is background noise. For a clear recording, it will generally take 3 times the amount of video e.g. a 10 minute video will take 30 minutes to transcribe.

Our turnaround times for videos under 1 hour in duration and received by 5pm are 10am the next business day.

How to set up video captions?

  1. Upload your video to our secure file upload system:
  2. We’ll type it and send it back in a YouTube friendly format. It’s really that simple!