Top Tips to Delegate More

virtual assistant tasks: Admin in Chaos?If your New Year’s Resolution was to finally carve out some more time, you need to delegate more.

But it’s hard to delegate more when your To Do List stretches to several pages and you know for sure a few items dropped over the bottom of it several months ago.  Sounding familiar?

It’s pretty common.  Our clients are time poor, and sometimes even too time poor to find a few minutes to delegate work to us.

Over the years we’ve tried various ways of encouraging them to hand the work over – but a few work exceptionally well:

  1. Delegate repeating tasks – if it’s something you do daily/weekly/monthly those tasks will save you the most time because you only need to tell us how to do it once, and we do it every time.  Next time you do that task, write down all the steps in a word doc, then send us the word doc and we’ll do it next time – it might take you a few minutes longer to document, but you were doing the task anyway!
  2. Send us the task you hate most – the ones you put off and spend hours thinking about before doing them.  We love admin, it’s what we do. Sending those tasks to us not only saves you the time doing them, but also the time thinking about doing them.
  3. Stuff that makes you money – we know it hurts to spend money, we’re small business owners too!  So the best way of cushioning the blow and delivering best value is to let us help you get new business… Email newsletters, reminding people of your presence on social media, or something a little bit different!
  4. Book a block each month – and we’ll chase you for the work.  Every week, we’ll check in and ask you about what you are working on and what we can help with.

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