Free Virtual Assistant – December 2018

free_virtual_assistantEvery so often we open the floodgates to the people who want to use a virtual assistant, but just aren’t sure what we could do for them with our “FREE VA For The Day” programme.

We know that choosing your virtual assistant can be daunting.

We’re confident that working with Virtually Sorted will convince you to use us again and also recommend is to your friends. So we’re happy to offer a free virtual assistant trial with no obligations.

The strings are (of course!) that we need to keep as much time available as possible for paying clients, so our free sessions are limited to one day per month and one session per person/business. To keep it fair, each person gets a 30 minute phone consultation followed by 2 hours of virtual assistant time and it is limited to people who have not used the service before.

Simply email with “FREE VA FOR THE DAY” as the subject and your contact phone number.

This month’s FREE VIRTUAL ASSISTANT session is:

Thursday 20th December 2018