Invoice Cheat Sheets To Optimise Your Invoicing

Many businesses in the UK are still facing late payment problems, and it seems to now be affecting businesses of all types and sizes. Chasing up unpaid invoices uses up valuable time and resources.

Late payments can reduce overall the productivity of a business, which can have adverse effects on growth. In some cases, it can result in the business having to close down due to serve cash-flow problems.

Sage has come up with a guide to help businesses in the UK to optimise their invoicing, in an effort to reduce common problems and speed up payments. It has even created an animated invoice cheat sheet to allow the suggestions to be easily implemented. Various aspects of the payment process are looked at from commons causes of delays to proper invoice formats.


Invoice Cheat Sheets To optimise Your Invoicing

It contains plenty of easy to follow steps that businesses of all sizes can follow to improve their invoicing. Included in the guide are plenty of ready to go invoice templates that contain all the required information.


Invoice Cheat Sheets To optimise Your Invoicing



These templates can be used in businesses of all types, including Vat registered businesses, sole trades, and limited companies. The guide also contains advice on how to chase up unpaid invoices.

If you would like more information on how to improve your payment process and reduce your payment problems, then click on the following link for Sages Invoice Cheat-Sheet.