GDPR – the time is now!

GDPR security

Reminder: GDPR becomes law today.

All your marketing lists, client contact details, data storage, accounts, email storage…  You need to make sure it’s all compliant.

Checklist for GDPR compliance:

  • Where was your data sourced from?
  • Do you still need to store that data?
  • Where is the data held? (Consider all personal data – accounts programmes, email, documents, marketing lists…)
  • What risk assessment did you undertake on its security? Do you have demonstrable proof of that risk assessment stored offline?
  • If you had a data breach – what is your procedure for assessing how much was exposed and how to inform those affected?

Further info from:

Not sure about where you are storing your data?  We’ve done a quick link to some of the most commonly used online storage and their statements on GDPR: