Gadgette Video Transcriptions

YouTube virtual assistantWe’ve teamed up with Gadgette to offer their readers a free 30 minute transcription of their video/audio.

Why Use Video Captions?

  • YouTube is owned by Google and therefore videos are given high preference by them when cataloguing search results.
  • Whilst the description in your video can list keywords, you may get penalised for repetition of keywords if Google sees this as an attempt to manipulate listings.  Transcripts/captions can contain the keyword many times, and therefore boost your search engine ranking for that keyword.
  • Using captions on your videos increases accessibility of your site for deaf and hard of hearing viewers.
  • Uploading a transcript of the video to your website creates more search engine text and allows users who prefer not to view videos to still access your content.  With 37% of people learning via kinaesthetic/tactile modes, not having something they can tangibly download and “feel” means you are missing out on their business!
  • Having the captions to a webinar or presentation can be an easy shortcut to creating digital products for sale.

Use this form to send audio or videos to our Virtual Assistant team.

If you have any problems using this form, please email us on and we will arrange alternative methods for you.


  • Within office hours, you will receive an acknowledgement that we have received your file and we’ll respond with an estimated delivery date for return for your work (usually next working day for files received before 5pm and under an hour long).
  • Only 30 minutes will be transcribed – if you would like us to do more than this, it will be billed at our usual rate and we will need a full UK billing address before starting.
  • Offer ends 1st July 2016