The Follow Up Sandwich

This week I had a new client ask about our marketing services – basically as a new business he needed to generate leads from scratch and wasn’t very sure where to start!

For a small business getting cost effective marketing in place is essential.  But if you’re never marketed before, how do you know what method will be most effective or whether the results are getting are typical?

Usually what we recommend is a “follow up sandwich” approach.

    • The Bread: Our first slice of marketing is a postcard or letter mailed out to a list of potential prospects.
    • The Filling: A sandwich filling of an email reminder with more information accessible online.
    • Final slice: Finally a top slice sandwich phone call to those who have clicked open the email and shown an interest.

Where do you get your prospects data from?

We work with a list provider who allow us to filter the data using search criteria such as size of business, location, industry, number of employees etc. so that we get a small number of extremely targeted prospects who are most likely to want the product or service you are marketing – the more info you can give us, the more targeted we can make the list.

The data is yours – you purchase it and you own it.  The list provider can offer list cleansing so that you aren’t contacting people who are on the TPS/MPS lists.  For this reason, we always recommend using the most up to date information, rather than data which is historic.  The very best data is, of course, data which you have gathered yourself from people who want to know more about your business.

Why the follow up email first?

Mail merging bulk emails is a relatively quick process – it usually takes about half an hour to set up a basic email including personalised details such as “Dear <Joe Bloggs>” or including their company name in the main body text of the email.  Our tracking system allows us to monitor who has clicked on the links in the email for more information, and this gives us a “hot” list of prospects who are interested in the service to follow up via phone.

And the follow up phonecalls?

Phonecalls are quite time consuming to do – you’ll often not reach the person you were trying to contact on your first try, it may take up to 2-3 times to get hold of the right person since they may be in meetings, out of the office, on another call etc.  When you make this sort of effort to contact someone, you want to be fairly sure that it’s worth your time and that they are interested in the product/service – hence why we use the email to filter our list to those people who are genuinely interested in what you’re selling.  People who make decisions are often very busy and although your postcard or email is lurking around their desk, often all it takes is a very gentle follow up call to convince them they need your help!

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