Freelance Sales and Follow Up Marketing

Small businesses thrive on sales so they need consistent follow up on their sales leads and intelligent business development for their client base. Whether it’s filling your sales funnel, prospecting new clients, surveying existing clients or simply using a freelance sales professional to revisit existing clients, Virtually Sorted’s “Sales Sorted Team” can help.

How can telesales help your small business?

As well as using Virtually Sorted for your PA requirements, you can now utilise our successful Business Development team whenever you need a sales resource.  Our Business Development team will employ a successful sales strategy on your behalf, with a view to helping your business grow.

This isn’t traditional telesales, it’s about marketing to hot leads who need consistent follow up to convert from prospects to clients, but without the usual commitment for X days a month or Y seats in a call centre. You simply pay for what you use.

Can our marketing professionals help your business?

Whether you need the help of our Business Development specialists on an ad-hoc basis or with an ongoing campaign, Virtually Sorted can help.

Please see below for an idea of what our Business Development team can do to grow your business:

  • Follow up calls
  • After sales service calls
  • Appointment making
  • Market research
  • Customer feedback calls
  • Confirmation of attendance i.e. tradeshows etc
  • Marketing campaign follow ups
  • Inactive customer calls

Getting started couldn’t be simpler – just tell us about your project!  (We know it’s a bit tedious, but the more information you give us upfront, the sooner we can get working to get your more business!)


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