For Halloween: Virtual Assistant Horror stories…

Okay so it’s not quite as spooky as ghosts and ghouls, but we’ve heard some pretty terrifying stories about virtual assistants over the years…

Without naming names:

  • There’s the VA who thought that having a computer or answering telephone calls/emails was merely optional, and therefore left her poor client hanging around trying to get her original documents back for SIX WEEKS!
  • The VA who had no anti-virus and infected a whole office of computers with the documents she created since they bypassed the usual firewall being zipped files.
  • The VA who used the client’s databases for her own marketing… Eek!
  • The VA who decided her client was being a bit slow to pay, so logged into their Paypal account and helped herself.  The reason she hadn’t been paid is that she hadn’t completed the project, which was overdue!

Of course, not all virtual assistants act like this – we act under a very strict Code Of Ethics.

Do you know of any other horror stories?  Add them below… All posts get a Tasty Treat!

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